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CompanyUnc Inc
RoleProduct Designer

Brenger, an Amsterdam based startup, combines demand and supply of (small) transport with its platform. They recently underwent a complete rebrand and asked us to redesign their website to consolidate their new brand identity. I was responsible for visual design.

New design language

The new brand identity provided by Matters Most didn't include any application examples for the web. As Brenger's business relies on its website, we had to expand the brand with a digital design language. It needed a design system accommodating rules and guidelines for color, typography, elements, photography, etc. Therefore I decided to give Atomic Design a try.

Atomic Design

The atomic design methodology enables you to create and maintain robust design systems, allowing you to roll out higher quality, more consistent user interfaces faster than ever.

By applying this methodology, I created a design system that includes a robust library of UI components, enabling Brenger to have a consistent user interface throughout its online presence. In addition to this, they can create faster & higher quality content. They will have a shared vocabulary between disciplines. Their products will be more accessible to test. And lastly, the system will also provide a future-friendly foundation for evolving and growing their digital brand over time.

Every element and component is documented in a library to keep the web materials, elements like buttons, color combinations, typography, spacing, and components, consistent, organized, and available to everyone at all times.


In addition to the website, the client also desired new illustrations based on their new flat design style. By creating illustrations of delivery boxes, physical products, and real-life scenes, I helped them expand their graphics library.


This project was a great opportunity to create a digital design system for the first time based on the Atomic Design methodology.

As it turned out, the design system was a must; as Brenger started to bring their developers on board, they could prototype and produce new ideas much more efficiently.

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Team credits

Floris de Langen (Art Direction), Jeroen Schippers (Project Management), Sjoer Mulder (UX Design), Martijn Houtman (Development Lead), Hugo Jan Ruiter (Development Lead), Alberto Alaejos Garcia (Development), Nico de Groot (Development), Paul Beukelman (Development), Robin Timman (Development), and Stefan Doorn (Development).

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